Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We're parents! Kind of.

Please extend a warm welcome to our newest resident, Participant 1, the Chinese Dwarf Hamster. He goes by Parcy. Tori needed to train an animal for a class (an assignment which I think is ridiculous, because it makes the students purchase an animal if they don't know anyone with one), so we were forced to enslave a small rodent. I felt like a jerk taking it away from his brothers at Petco, but c'est la vie. Well, at least for small rodents who live at Petco. So Parcy is now numbered in our ranks. Currently he is tunneling under the bedding from one side of the cage to the other. I think he wants to escape :-)

Thats all for now. Here's hoping the ice storm either gets really bad, because I'd rather not have to venture all the way to Haltom City in the Corsica.


Here are some pictures of Parcy, enjoy! -Tori

P.S. Haltom High School is closed tomorrow, so Aaron doesn't have to go. Yay!

Exploring the tunnels for the first time:

Looking cute but his water bottle:

Parcy's seriously awesome cage (thanks to Melinda for letting us borrow it):